Monday, February 27, 2017

Some truths about immigration to US ..

For all those tongue-tied, tight-lipped Indians who have lost the capacity to think ..
Truth is like a surgery, it hurts but cures. A lie is like a painkiller, it gives instant relief but has side effects forever - Anonymous
The hard truth we don't want to hear, shameful too.. I feel sorry for Srinivas, but for others of his ilk, it is high time they introspect and decide whom they want to side with.

Adam (right, top) and Srinivas (right, bottom) - both are co-conspirators along with millions of present and earlier residents of North America in dispossessing and exterminating in millions, the original owners, native American Indians (left in pic), of the land of North America.

From their earlier population between 50-75 million in the sixteenth century to a paltry 5 million now, native American Indians are fighting a losing battle trying to preserve their culture and people. And we from the oldest civilization on planet earth, fully aware of the modern, fashionable, grossly underreported and gravely unjust tyranny, intolerance and repression, play second fiddle and join hands hands with these numb and insensate perpetrators of murder of the native American Indians, for our personal short-sighted, absurd, inane, derisible benefits.

An example of Jewish influence on humanity, good or evil ...
When the same Britishers tried their cheap tricks in the real India in the Southern tip of Asia, they were driven out lock, stock and barrel.

The same Indians from the middle-upper strata of society, mindless, ignorant, poorly informed,  with very low self-esteem wait in front of US Consulates for the "Green Card" to migrate and partake in the spilled blood of these indigenous Americans, even inspite of reminding them about their own superior, rich, all-embracing, non-violent, knowledge and wisdom seeking civilization which has stood the test of time for more than 6000 years ...

Even Albert Einstein winner of the 1921 Nobel Physics Prize could have erred in his approach when he migrated to US in 1933 and subsequently invented man's greatest destructive power - the atom bomb, which resulted in US establishing its superiority over the entire human race.

Stephen Hawking, Uty of Cambridge
After the second World War, till his death in 1955, Einstein became a hard core proponent of nuclear disarmament as he found the futility of his great invention. He was stunned by the foolhardiness of the inappropriate, unwise, destructive use of his scientific knowledge and contribution for destruction of humanity. Instead of benefiting humanity, his migration to US resulted in Einstein being a burden and enemy for humanity ..

Stephen Hawking predicts that AI Robotics, aliens from outer space and nuclear bombs are the three dangers which will wipe out humanity from planet earth in just under one hundred years .. That means, humanity as a whole will have to repent for Einstein's foolhardiness in a few decades .


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  1. Good to see people who are thoughtful on the inevitability of the situations stored for our future.


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