Saturday, February 11, 2017

Raghavan, the new NORKA boss !!

Rajagiri HS Ernakulam, Kerala, in the late 70s, was a great place to do schooling.

While at Rajagiri, I had a classmate who used to be very active, be it on the field or in the classroom in studies. He was tall, handsome even then. One striking difference from the rest of the class was that Raghavan was a very sincere, humble character, helpful and jovial, mad for cricket !!

After school we parted ways. But the tall handsome Raghavan's image remained etched in my memory quite strongly. Later I came to know that he had gone to study at the Govt Medical College in Calicut, Kerala to pursue the very noble medical profession, while I went down to Trivandrum to study and pursue a career with machines and computers.

Dr KN Raghavan, who passed out of Calicut Medical College with flying colours was cut out for greater honour and service. His passion to serve the society in more effective ways saw him clear the civil service exams and join the Indian Revenue Service in the eighties. As former Chief Commissioner, Customs and Central Excise, Kochi, he made a name for himself and motivated the staff to function more effectively and be more customer friendly.

Raghavan has now been posted as the new chief of Non-Resident Keralite's Affairs (NORKA) based out of Trivandrum, Kerala. The non-resident Keralites living abroad have always depended on the govt to bail them out in times of trouble, like for example, the Kuwait war and Iraq war etc. The Kerala govt through this department was showing its care and concern to it's citizens, who are the greatest source of revenue for the state. My b-i-law Jiji Thomson, former Kerala Chief Secretary was at this post for some time, years back. Raghavan, you can always fall back on him for any advice and wise counsel. My cousin Rajan P George, IRS always had high opinion of Raghavan ..

Like you excelled in Customs and Central Excise, I am sure Raghavan, with your sincere approach, you will be able to do wonders to help the Non-Resident Keralites around the world, to help in their resettlement and reemployment back in Kerala. 

Your future path is clear. You are climbing great steps and may you, by the blessings of Almighty, reach the pinnacle of your career soon. May God bless you to achieve your dreams and goals (also to follow your passion, to umpire at a couple more International ODI cricket matches)..


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