Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Migrants vs. migrants, the curious case of immigration ban in US

Will this xenophobe make a mess of United States ?
It is not known whether it is total and wholesome ignorance of historical events or someone playing pure mischief, the immigration ban in US makes interesting reading.

In the very young land of migrants, with historical record of violence, murder, savagery, barbarity, inhumanity and finally unlawful annexation of the land of the original owners and inhabitants of North America, the earlier migrants and their progeny have declared war on the later migrants ..
So was Apple Steve Job's father and
Google's Sergei Brin

It will be interesting and fascinating to see how these senseless bunch of migrants fight and finish off their other co-migrants ! Who cares for the original and true owner of the land, the indigenous American ?

Earlier migrants vs later migrants ! ☹☹

Trump should remember that starting from George Washington everybody has been once an immigrant or a descendent of an immigrant. Were it not for liberal US immigration policy, at the expense of the indigenous owner of the land, US and the world would not have had its biggest technology giants Apple and Google. Steve Jobs of Apple was the son of Syrian Muslim immigrant and Sergei Brin of Google was a Russian immigrant. 
If Trump succeeds in dividing American society on the basis of hatred against fellow Americans, it will be a great disservice to American society and that day will be a black spot in American history. Each American will fight the other and see the final end of this nascent and world's youngest culture.

George ..

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