Friday, February 03, 2017

India - largest global userbase for Facebook

Of 1900 million global social media network Facebook users as of Dec '16, 1800 million are monthly active users ( MAU) and 1200 million are daily active users (DAU) ! 
The largest Facebook userbase is INDIA ..

If you access FB over your mobile, don't be worried because 1100 million DAU are like you !

Mark Zuckerberg maybe  planning to shift base to India as India has the largest FB user base of 196 million compared to 191 million FB users in US and just about 58 million FB users in China .. 

India shows the world that indeed it is the most open, encouraging, liberal and technologically receptive society in the world.  

Though avg revenue per user (ARPU) for the fourth quarter '16, from Asia Pacific at $2 was one tenth ARPU from US and half of global ARPU,  we need to remember that Indians are not that dumb to fall easily to promises. 

They are really streetsmart !!

These questions (to be discussed in AU EMBA classes) will help you to understand FB's future strategy in India.

1. What country specific features does Facebook have to make it a massive success in India ?
2. How is FB planning to introduce itself to its largest userbase ?
3. FB Messenger was among the first Internet based free telephony services in India. Did this have an impact on FB's wide acceptance in India ?
4. Do you think Reliance Jio's free Internet offering in India for its customers from Oct 2016 to June 2017  had any an impact on wide FB usage ?
5. What is the impact of a neat user interface and low download time on the massive success of FB in India ?
6. What is the effect of FB server farms on FB's low download times in India ?
7. How can FB expect to increase its Avg revenue per user ARPU metric in India? can you suggest some strategies ?
8.  Do you foresee Govt of India using FB to reach to the masses ?

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