Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How can ISRO's selfie cameras launched to space help transform global logistics ?

ISRO launched 104 selfie cameras to space this morning from Sriharikotta, a record number which the rest of the world will take a long time to overtake, if at all they are smart ..

How can this help in efficient management of physical logistics of large and small manufacturing and retail firms is an interesting topic we could take up for discussion.

If we could find out the number of cars outside a Tata Star Bazar in India and decide on whether the store needs to relocate to a less congested place or it needs to move to  the city centre, from the images passed on by these cubesats in space, it helps Tata in better locating their store outlets.

Pictorial images and real time monitoring of traffic details across different sectors in the city can help decide on the routes to be taken by ambulances to ferry injured patients in case of an accident.

1. Charting efficient purchase and distribution side logistics for large firms to control their supply chain logistics costs. 
2. Helping avoid densely populated areas while transporting dangerous and explosive chemicals 
3. Helping delivery or supply trucks to avoid heavy traffic roads to reach destinations. 
4. to chart easier routes and reduce transportation times and costs 
5. to plan offer discount sales on low traffic days 
6. to decide whether milk runs would reduce costs or not 
7. to measure radial distances between source and destinations 
8. to help plan light load transportation by drones

These are some of the supply chain benefits that could accrue from these selfie eyes in sky.

Still the clearest resolution still will be the Indian IRNSS satellite camera eyes that will have a resolution of 0.6 metres compared to 2 metres for GPS and 5 metres for the cubesats.


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