Friday, February 24, 2017

GSLV Mk III first developmental flight, April '17 ..

In April '17, when ISRO is getting ready for the first developmental flight of GSLV Mk III, which can carry 4T payload to Geostationary Transfer Orbits (GTO) and 8 T to Low Earth Orbits (sun synchronous orbits), it will be great news ..

Pics of a 2014 launch of GSLV Mk III, India's 630 T heaviest rocket from Sriharikotta, Andhra, India. (courtesy ISRO and Dailymail, UK)

This is a good place to clear all your technical doubts on the different rockets of ISRO.
GSLV rockets are more powerful to take payloads to Geo-synchronous transfer orbits (GTO) and Geo-syncronous earth orbits (GEO), are of great significance for India as they  have already carried unmanned human capsules in their Dec '14 launch and can form the basis for India's forays to other planets and manned space missions.

Starting as INCOSPAR in 1962 from Thumba in the Southern tip of the country near to Trivandrum, to today being a global space power to reach out to deep space and other planets in the solar system, ISRO is definitely making great news and causing lot of envy to other scientifically developed countries who are nowhere in space technology area as India has reached.

Wishing ISRO and its scientists good wishes for all their future missions ..


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