Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Very thoughtful graphic - modern day slavery !

Are we bonded to debt and ruining our lives and others' as our forefathers were bonded to slavery and ruined their lives as well as others' ..

Is debt, the modern day slavery ?

Running after material pleasures and well being, we take loans and lead fast and flashy lives, unmindful of the fact that the debt we make in the process, keeps us locked to our jobs, environment, organisation, thoughts, actions and so on ..  And we end spending a life time repaying the debts.

Slavery had victims and perpetrators, so also does the modern day debt system have its victims and the perpetrators.

The irony of the present day is that we are unaware we are slaves to modern day consumerist living style, flashy cars, big houses and expensive gadgets which ties us down, restricts our freedom and conditions our interactions with our close family members, friends and other members of the society ..

In our present day lives, we are bonded to sophisticated living utilising all the modern facilities, gadgets, expensive cars, expensive food and clothes, increasing our carbon footprint and polluting our environment like never before. Without our knowledge, we have become slaves to modern day lifestyle.

We have sadly forgotten, to lead simple lives.

Let us go back to our roots, explore our purpose on this planet and live a fulfilling life. Let not human behaviour condition our reactions and reflexes.



  1. Nice one! I would add that not only the debtor are perpetrators of modern day but our whole social ecology has gone mad and is pushing everyone towards life style that is fast paced, consumption focused, selectively approving only signs of economic achievements - big cars, big house, expensive gadgets etc.... The live case of the moment is Donald Trump (president elect USA) - a man of mere economic achievements have been entrusted with one of the most responsible job in the world, disregarding all his vices and weaknesses. Even if I personally don't feel any inconvenience without a 4 wheeler I've been directly strongly suggested by at least 3-4 well-wishers at different points of time to buy one even if I've to take a loan. I confirm from my personal experience there is a real social pressure to live a non-simple life style pushing most of us to shackles of EMIs. The kind of physical and socio-cultural ecology that is emerging today has very little room for simpler life. The real but invisible perpetrator is the growing 'Human Culture of Consumption and Speed'.

    1. Very well and truly said sir.. The growing wily human culture of consumption and speed is going to spell the doom of human civilization soon ..


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