Saturday, January 07, 2017

Goa is not its beaches and wine, it is the Goan fish curry rice ..

For me Goa is not beaches, it is the warmth of the people and the great sea food !

These are variants of the famous Goan fish curry rice, (some places it is called fish curry rice thali). the taste of which never fades from one's tongue.

Whether you have it from the top restaurants in Panjim, Vasco, Ponda or Margao or from the smaller ones near to bus stands and near town centres, the taste is really out of the world, which is special only to Goa. Even in Mangalore we cannot expect the same taste.

Having stayed in Ponda, Goa for almost fifteen years, and having worked in MRF Ponda and taught at the Goa Engineering College, the one thing I really miss of Goa is its famous fish curry rice, especially at the Goa Engineering College Farmagudi canteen .. !!

Then during the rainy season when you used to get a full bhangda along with the rice and fish curry, it was so tasty ..
The special taste of the fried fish comes from the frying they do in rawa which gives it a yummy and crunchy taste. Not forgetting the clams that get added at times..


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