Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The world's greatest entrepreneur Jack Ma's vision for 2017

Jack Ma was interviewed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland during Jan 2017.

This article describes his vision for the world in 2017 and beyond. Excerpts from his interview.

We dont make money catching whales, we make money catching shrimps

I want to enjoy life. I dont want to die in the office, I want to die on the beaches..

Countries around the world should deploy the 2 H strategy, happiness and health for all.

Jack Ma's 30 -30 -30 principle for the world -
  • the  next 30 years is for implementation of technology developed by the technology giants like Amazon, Ebay, Google, Facebook etc. in the past 20 years
  • Look at the employees less than 30 years of age, the internet generation - the promise of the future and
  • look for companies with less than 30 employees in strength, the companies that are going to give traction to global growth
On World Trade Organisation (WTO) : WTO is an organisation only for the large companies of the world, the promise of the future is going to be smaller companies that can grow big and effective. Adopt EWTP (Electronic World Trading Platform) that can improve globalisation and be more inclusive.

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The wealth and prosperity US and Europe has gained over the past 40 years of industrialisation has been frittered away by waging 30 wars that has spent about $40 trillion across the world, which otherwise could have been deployed for building global industrialisation and transportation infrastructure. The west has missed the growth and development bus by waging these useless wars.See how China has leveraged on this great opportunity an is marching ahead ..

On Globalisation :
  • Past 100 years, Kings and emperors have engaged in globalisation
  • Past 30 years, 60,000  big companies have engaged in globalisation
  • The next 30 years will see 6 million businesses engage in globalisation.
The economic crisis of 2008 was a big blow for the western world when $19 trillion of value was wiped out and 32 million jobs lost globally.

Use Technology to make businesses inclusive

The biggest supply chain and logistics challenge ever faced by humanity was during the Singles Day on 11 November, 2016 which brought in sales of $17 biillion and saw 600 million packages reaching their destinations across China in 3 days (72 hours flat)

Listen to Jack Ma's Jan '17 interview at World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland


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  1. Jack Ma..... A name which sends shockwaves among the western giants like Amazon and Ebay .... Well Said words from one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 21st century... His innovative business model with approximately 40% operating efficiencies is truly a nightmare for the west.... A real imspiyuinal for youngsters like us... Amazing article Sir


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