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Nehru's supreme sense of patriotism ..

Cambridge educated Nehru, the philosopher, the statesman, the adminstrator, has been a much misunderstood personality in Indian history. Maybe it is the freedom to people to raise their opinion without properly analysing and studying the personality and getting away with their opinions, may have contribited to this in a big way. This writing tries to briefly understand Nehru's overtly conscious push to develop indigenous industries in India.

I have a very sincere request to everyone trying to vilify Nehru, please click on this link to understand more of Nehru and to know more about the 9 years of life which he has spent in prison.

I would also request his vocal critics to read anyone of Nehru's 3 classics before vilifying him. Nehru's three classics, Glimpses of World History, an Autobiography and the best of it all, Discovery of India are gems .. The Discovery of India, the best, was written over a period of 5 months in 1945 while Nehru was undergoing his last of the 9 terms and the longest, a 3 year prison term at Ahmednagar Fort prison in Maharashtra from 1943-46.

Seriously contemplating future course of action
Nehru's unrelenting and forced indigenization push after becoming India's first Prime Minister is finally bearing fruits after almost sixty years .. Critics always have other points to point out as to why poverty and poor health standards of the population has not been tackled completely. It is a very valid point in this vast country of ours.

As different from other contemporary national leaders in other countries, Nehru's push was on science, technology and big industry, different from what Gandhiji envisaged for the country. It will be very difficult for others to match to his sense of patriotism and nationalism, while it's all the more easy to vilify him, out of ignorance and petty mindedness ..

Nehru's over-patriotic indigenization push post independence (which got groomed by his imprisonment for over 9 years in jails across India fighting British tyranny) was what gave us our public sector, Navaratnas, prestigious space and nuclear energy programme (which has pushed India to the forefront of science and technology in the world) and the successful white and green revolution.

Dr Homi Bhabha, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. Verghese Kurien and Dr. MS Swaminthathan were Indian stalwarts who were requested by Nehru to help in this indigenisation push. Nehru also pushed the country to produce the best world-class engineers at the IITs and world class managers at the IIMs. The nation can never forget the great vision and foresight he had for his country and where India should be in the twenty first century. True to his vision, India has never belied the expectation of Nehru, India is now on GDP at PPP, the third biggest economy in the world, just behind China at #1 and United States at #2.

Nehru and Gandhi in a lighter vein ..
With our earlier economist PM, the
cordial, unperturbed and deeply knowledgeable Dr. Manmohan Singh taking India from being the #10 global economic power to the #3 position in ten years upto 2014, there is a lot of pressure on the present incumbent party, to perform exceptionally well, or else be kicked out.

The heavy pressure on the present  political leadership is evident in the hastily presented, ill-planned and badly executed, though well intentioned Demonetization drive led by the PM Modi in the country. 

The coming days will be very crucial in deciding whether the high standards of patriotism and nationalism in the country demonstrated by the earlier generation of political leadership will ever be matched in action by the present leaders of the country.

Indians by nature being innately innovative and yearning for peace, will in fact find original and creative methods to overcome the present inconveniences and work together to give leadership and peacefully dominate the world yet again. 

Nehru's peaceful overtures to the Chinese in the beginning of the 60s, though rebuffed initially, is now being paid back by India's economic might and strong democratic credentials with superior technological development which has taken it aeons ahead, especially in space technology..

The present Indian political leadership will also come to know that it is not by flexing muscles, telling lies to the people, show of strength or display of military might but by establishing peace, communal amity and by scientific, technological development that the country with its 1.25 billion people can be taken forward.

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