Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nehru, the most misunderstood statesman from India ..

None of the PMs after him could match to Nehru
India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru continues to be the most misunderstood politician and statesman of India. This afternoon I was shocked to find how casually people, who have no knowledge of his greatness and literary talents, pass crude ignorant remarks on Nehru's greatness.

Nehru passed his bachelors degree in  Science from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1910 and later pursued his law degree also from England. If it were not for Nehru's brilliant statesmanship and leadership India would not have advanced and become the world's third largest economy now. Our industries, green revolution, white revolution, space technology, nuclear energy. IITs , IIMs would all have been a great zero. Our experiment with democracy would have been dead long time back.

Though I agree it was part of the cheap and petty fundamentalist ploy to diminish Nehru's role in Indian freedom movement and his great knowledge of global history and contribution to national development, for others to gain political advantage, truth can never be hidden.

None of the petty, silly, cheap, intellectually challenged contemporary leaders and laymen have ever read his high quality writings like "Discovery of India and Glimpses of World History" and have the audacity to pass cheap, ungenerous remarks. It is easy to pass evil comments on others but very difficult to tell a praise or two.

To get the upper hand over Congress party, Advani who started the vilification campaign against Nehru himself became a victim to the evil craft when the present petty Hindu nationalist party leadership sidelined him. 

Truth can never be compromised and it will finally succeed. A lie repeated a thousand times never becomes a truth. The people who target Nehru do it not out of any reason or knowledge, but out of intense hatred born of sheer ignorance of global history, just as part of the propaganda to defame him.

Indians have to be educated of the great sacrifices done by our national leaders to get freedom from the British once again lest lies get propagated by vested interests and history gets distorted beyond recognition to suit somebody's evil designs ..


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