Thursday, December 15, 2016

ISRO, Cyclone Wardha and India's great developmental strides ..

Nehru and Vikram Sarabhai, they took Indian Science forward..
ISRO's advanced meteorological satellites released in September '16, INSAT 3DR and ScatSat 1, by their advanced predictive capability in capturing and efficiently analysing meteorological parameters, have saved more than 10,000 lives from the fury of cyclone Wardha which hit the Tamil Nadu and Andhra coast two days back. 

The foresight, knowledge, intelligence and brilliant  leadership of Pt. Nehru, Indian PM, when he invited Vikram Sarabhai to set up and nurture India's space program in early 60s is now bearing great developmental fruit !

The nation will forever be grateful to these great freedom fighters and leaders who took us on the developmental path, instead of one of confrontation. It is quite natural for countries to fiercely protect their borders, flexing muscles with petty, weak and strong neighbours. It is taking the easy way out and indicative of poor leadership..

On the other hand it takes great courage, conviction and self-belief to boldly take the path of development and scientific progress. India was very fortunate in this respect.  We had great and sensible leaders who were visionaries! Else in sixty nine years India would not have become the world's third largest and powerful economy and at the forefront of scientific and technological development.

Rahul Narayan (IIT Delhi), Team Indus, Bangalore.
Indian space programme presently is so well founded, designed and led by great technology leaders in the country, there is so much positivity about ISRO. It is going to bring great laurels not only to India but the whole world in the coming years !!

In addition, some gutsy private space initiatives have also blossomed in the country on the back of great success of ISRO. 

By early Jan 2018, the first Indian team, Team Indus from Bangalore led by Rahul Narayan will have the first private rover from planet earth to travel on lunar surface and beam high resolution video images back to earth. 

When no private individual in the world dared to dream to go to Moon and land a rover there, Rahul dared to dream high, very high. The corporate world from Ratan Tata, Flipkart Bansals, Nandan Nilekani (Infosys) are all behind him giving him great support ..

Click for more details on Team Indus. 


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