Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The middle East mess !!

When I read this Reuters report about how a 240 year old violent US culture destabilised a 4000 year culture, resulting in so much violence and unrest now, my heart weeps !

By physically attacking and destabilising Iraq for no reason and killing it's citizens, US paved the way for the current mess in the middle East, I feel pity for the ignorant Indians who have migrated to this violent country in search of jobs and a living. Is it far in time that US will have to pay a heavy price for its nefarious actions in  destabilising the peaceful middle East for selfish reasons, causing so much violence, bloodshed and unrest in the region (like the Nazis..) ?

The world does not care which devil will win the US elections, the damage they have already inflicted on humanity is so much, it will take generations of Americans to wash the blood stains off their hands, generations of Americans will carry a heavy conscience to bed every night for decades with them ..

I am reminded of a famous quote by Robert Ingersol which goes this way -
In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments, only consequences !

So let us be fully prepared to face the good and bad consequences of our actions !


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