Thursday, November 24, 2016

Telephone calls free for life !!

Is there any country in the world (developed or developing, west or east, north or south, G7 or not ..) where your phone calls across the country to the other 1,058,000,000 phones are TOTALLY FREE ? (Mobile and land lines included and second largest telephone users in the world, 3x users in US) 

That too, not just one private national telecom provider is disrupting the system, in fact an additional national private telecom service provider is also allowing free calls on their network across the country for life !!

Whether you call it simple innovation, disruptive innovation, radical innovation, incremental innovation, reverse innovation or frugal innovation, whatever you name it, can any service provider in the world, private or public, match this offer ?

Though abhorred and detested in some sectors of Indian economy, the Ambani brothers have shocked not only domestic telecom providers like BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Tata and Idea, they have created jitters in the foreign service providers like Vodafone and Telenor , turning upside down existing business models ..

Can the global telecom industry anytime in the near future come with a challenge and a viable alternative or substitute business model to take on the Indian juggernaut ?

Not even China has matured to that state !

The power of thinking big and the power of low-cost disruptive innovation in the country !!

As of 29 Nov 2016, another telecom company in India AIRCEL, has also announced that it would give free local and STD calls for INR 127 per month. 

We do not know how many Indian telecom companies would join this bandwagon offering free calls within the country and charge only for the Internet bandwidth offered to the customers. This would totally change their business models lean ..


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