Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Seeking one's roots !

*Seeking one's roots*

Being in Bangalore, India, I can feel how alienated our children are with Malayali and native Indian culture, missing the finer nuances and vibrations, blaming myself for my selfish professional ambitions and growth, I can understand how people who have migrated to other countries feel pained, if they are sincere to their own self, about the simple pleasures of their native culture that is denied to their children and grand children.

I understand culture, that has stood the test of time, is much deeper than development or intelligence ! Being able to go back to our roots and culture (knowing that it is the oldest and most peaceful in the world at 6000 years and the richest too) is one of the greatest satisfaction a human being has during his last moments.

My desire in life is to convince at least one of my friends of the ignorance and folly of migration and settling abroad, seeking momentary materialistic pursuits (and occasionally short-lived intellectual pursuits too) in an inferior cultural setting and instead *seeking one's roots* , being able to return and being one with earlier generations .. 🙏


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