Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Nehru's foresight in India's space journey and Modi's economic surgical move ..

India was very fortunate to have had great PMs like Nehru and Dr. Manmohan Singh who have done yoemen service to the economy.

Modi, good intentions, daring too ..
Nehru took India to the forefront of the world in Science, Technology, space science, nuclear energy, Management, Industrial growth, health care, food sufficiency, milk sufficiency and helped establish the famous Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management. His long spells in British prisons across India of about 3200 + days, almost 9 years, helped to visualise what was best for India and its people. He also visioned as to which areas should India concentrate and spend its energies on to make a mark in the contemporary world, leveraging on our strengths.

When the rest of the world had no clue as to what the Russians and Americans were doing in space, Nehru had the foresight to call Vikram Sarabhai and asked him to start the Indian space programme. What followed with the establishment of INCOSPAR in 1962 (before Nehru's demise in 1964) which later metamorphised to ISRO, is history. If there is one organisation which is doing India a sea of good and taking Indian pride across our shores, it is ISRO.  No other Indian PM other than Nehru was as intelligent and far-sighted to have ever thought of space as the next frontier for India to conquer ! Our scientists never failed Nehru for the trust he reposed on them !

Our Economist PM Dr Manmohan Singh in ten years from 2004 to 2014 took us to the forefront of global economies. No other PMs had the knowledge and statesmanship to take India to these great heights. No one in the history of India has helped elevated our country to this great extent.

After former PM Dr Manmohan Singh took the country from #10 to # 3 global economy, it is great to know that the succeeding PM is also focusing on the economy. Now we find, our PM Modi is trying to catch up with Nehru through an economic surgical move which he initiated on November 8, 2016. Modi may be incapable in any other area, but at least in the area of building and securing the economy, as a very concerned citizen, he has taken a bold step.

Hope Modi has the skills, knowledge and expertise to guide the Indian economy safely. Will Modi add to the greatness of Nehru's India ?

Even if he fails, he will be remembered as the first Indian PM who showed the courage to fight black money and black wealth in the country without any preparation or fear and willing to face the unseen consequences.

Anything good for the country is acceptable for the people..  Will Modi be able to cleans the system of black wealth not only in cash but in gold, real estate and swiss bank stashings ?

Can the anti national elements, the rich criminals, ever be ready to give up their ill-gotten wealth for the sake of the growth of the country.

Attacking just 6% of the black money in circulation, appears a bit immature, but at least an action has been initiated, which is great. The next move should be to identify the black wealth, not just black money !! The other 94% is more important.. The illegitimate gold reserves and real estate held by individuals and institutions need to be brought out along with the lakhs of crores that have flown to foreign banks.

The hollowness and unpreparedness of the move is very saddening and shocking. Hundreds of crores of new currency are being confiscated daily from across the country when the common man has to stand for hours together in front of the banks to collect money.

If Modi succeeds in this move to ensure economic and monetary integrity in the country, which is very unlikely, I am sure he will be remembered by posterity for  picking up where Nehru and Dr. Manmohan Singh left.

As a responsible Indian, the common citizen is pained at how the rich and mighty, political class and criminals from his own party too misuse the economy to make a quick buck, not worrying of the country's development.

As the servants of the public in the country, it is the duty of the politicians to set right the system, and we hope they will. Hope they don't take the people for a ride !!

The ruling political party which was pointing fingers at the minority communities for every ill befalling the country, now only has itself to point fingers to, when a big monetary cleansing exercise is being held in the country .. When the world was saying that terrorism had no religion, these people differed, they now say these black money hoarders and criminals, (finding that 99% of them are from the majority community), have no religion ! How flawed were their thinking processes right from the beginning ?

It is a fact that all criminals, be they physical terrorists or monetary terrorists, who hold the state and our country to ransom, should be tried under the due process of Indian law and punished.


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