Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Chinese Singles day and Alibaba ..

Friday November 11 is Singles Day in China ..

The $480 billion annual sales turnover Alibaba, (more than half the GDP of Saudi Arabia), is the world's largest business organisation. It is planning sales of $20 billion in a single day on Nov 11 !!

This lrojected Alibaba sales of $20 billion in a day globally is ten times (10x) what Amazon India sells in a year !!

The magnitude of the sales requires the *coordination of 1.7 million workers using 400,000 vehicles, 5,000 warehouses and 200 airplanes* to deliver the ordered goods to the online buyers. This year, *Alibaba even promised to deliver goods in as little as two hours*.

This is the most ever complicated supply chain management exercise ever undertaken by humanity any where in the world and is indeed a nightmare !!


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