Sunday, October 09, 2016

Why India should beware American overtures.

Insensible and self seeking Indians have migrated to the US, getting future generations to lose their Indian identity and mix with the great American mosaic ..

What befalls a country and people when they align with US ?

Click on this video ..

This is what happens to any country that aligns with USA.

Utter degradation, depravation, flourishing drug trade. stifling  democracy, diseases, internal strife, growth of communalism, full of paranoia at others growth, bunch of demotivated people looking up to the military to run a failed country ..

US has met it's needs and is getting ready to dump this once faithful old time ally. The nascent US culture is getting ready to align with the oldest civilization of the world, India ..

India, beware ! By getting close to US, a very myopic outlook, you are befriending the most dangerous and most untrustworthy ally in the history of the world !


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