Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tata Sons - difficult times ..

The sacking of Mistry came as a shock to Indians on Monday evening.

Mistry was taking home INR 15 crores every year besides another 130 crores annual dividend on his 18.5% shares in Tata Sons ..

Many points played a major role in the sudden decision by Tata Sons top mgmtm. Tata Sons turnover fell from $108 billion to $102 billion in the last three years, inability to get Tata Corus steel back on track, a $1 billion fine on Tata sons in a feud with Docomo, and a conscious thinking to wind up some non-core business activities, added fuel to the flame of discontent within top mgmt. TCS and Tata Motors were the only profitably working cos in the Tata Sons stable .. 

At 78, will the Patriarch Ratan Tata be able to steer India's and wotld's most trusted and respected brand back to profits and cheer ?

The nation is full of positivity for this great brand !


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