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Poor British policies and it's aftermath on India .

Impact of poor British administration of India and it's aftermath

Going through historical documents archived across the world, we are shocked by the fatal implications of some dumb British policies. A little knowledge of history is needed for every Indian as we would otherwise get sucked to blind western adoration. Some greatly fatal implications of dumb British policies as recorded in history are mentioned here for our consumption.

A Bengali family on the verge of death by starvation 
1. In 1870, due to poor British planning, there was a famine in the Deccan and South India in which 17 million people died of starvation.

2. In 1901, Bengal had the greatest famine, again spearheaded by dumb British policies in which 19 million people died of starvation.

3. The Bengal famine again in 1943 saw another three million people die of starvation even after a bounteous harvest when food grains were directed by Winston Churchill for the British troops fighting for Britain and allies (India and China had no causative role in the war to be subject to any suffering from it).

Thus the 39 million people who died from starvation in India due to poor British policies  is more than six times the number of Jews killed in the Jewish Holocaust in the second world war. How many innocent lives were blighted by the British in India ?

Mike Davis in his book "Late Victorian Holocausts" mentions upto 29 million Indians having dies in the famines set by the British on Indians, which again is 4.5 times the number of Hews killed by the Germans in the second world war. In fact it is very difficult of any other colony in a period of 200 years having suffered so much unilatareal damage like India.

The British injustice on India is thus unpardonable. Even though the past three hundred years of colonial rule brings bitter memories to our minds, India is ready to forgive and forget.

It will take some more decades for India to climb out of the deep pit of social and economic mess the British has pushed us into.

The resilience of the Indian economy is evident from the fact that Indian economy now is third largest in the world, and is four times the UK economy (UK economy hitting a low #9) ...

This link from the BBC tells the whole story ..

From mid 1740s, English East India company started trading with India, yes 200 years, correct. The earlier 100 years were the Portuguese and Dutch to a little extent. Our smart forefathers who resisted the Portuguese till the Coonen cross oath in 1653, somehow fell for the British.

Recorded civilised history of Europe has only Greeks around 500 BC. The Europeans were a nomadic tribe then. Clearly a group of uncivilised white skins who had got down from trees just a millennia earlier !

In the 200 years in India, the British engaged in cruelly subjugating and demoralising Indians to such an extent that native Indians still carry a halo around their British cruel masters, not yet ready to call a spade, a spade ..

The fact that some of us still are supportive of British rule in India shows the broad mindset of tolerance and forgiveness, hallmark of the great Indian culture and civilization.

We  Indians are so tolerant and forgiving, we bear no hatred against any race, region or dogma and that is our strength too..

Pl watch this 10 min video from my YouTube  channel on India's growth over the past seventy years, in all spheres of human activity. The hairs on your skin will stand straight ! The mighty, infinite potential of India is just waiting to be tapped !!

Vasudaiva kudumbakam, a Sanskrit phrase from the Maha Upanishad (conservatively more than 3500 years old) meaning, "the world is one family" ..


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