Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lingo kid Ravi Kumar at Hanging gardens, Mumbai.

Its amazing and unbelievable !  Having spent almost six years in Mumbai and having gone to Hanging gardens many a time, my sister stays nearby, I fail to understand how I missed out this smart kid. See how this kid, selling at the Hanging Garden, Mumbai can speak several foreign languages !

Ravi giving the TEDx talk ..
When asked why he was not interested in gaining formal education, Ravi told that in the conventional system he is constrained to learn only few languages, while here with full freedom, he has learnt about ten languages. If Ravi was born into a  good family, and he could get good education and support, this intelligent boy would have made India proud in some spheres of life !! ..

It is still the greatest mystety of life, who decides into which social background we are born ?

Grown up lingo kid Ravi, now in 2016, still sells fans near Hanging gardens Mumbai as in 2006-7.

Ravi has even given a TEDx talk ..


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