Saturday, October 08, 2016

Energy 101 MOOC ..

Great way to be informed and learn..
 From the time I took the course on power plant engineering at CET in my btech mech Engg final semester, never got a chance to learn more on energy.

Thanks to the *Energy 101* MOOC ( massive open online course) offered by Prof Sam Shelton from Georgia Tech thru, I found there were so many energy innovations and incremental developments that have happened globally.

Energy usage is only bound to increase in the coming years as the standard of living of communities and countries improve.

Some of the popular MOOC providers..
It took me about 8-12 hours in total sitting over three days to complete the course.

The quizzes at the end of each video added to the excitement (I had to score min of 80% in all quizzes as a precondition to finish the course) was a great motivator to help finish the course with flying colours.

Thanks to Prof Sam Shelton, Georgia Tech mech Engg Dept and Courses for coordinating to put together such an excellent primer on the contemporary global energy scenario and the future challenges.

Hope this will be a motivator for others too to engage in life long learning !!


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