Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wind Turbines and power generation ..

1500 MW Muppandal energy farm, Tamil Nadu ..
Energy is an inseparable component of modern day human life as we are dependant on electrical energy for almost all of our daily living systems, and on travel too, with electric trains and metro getting popular and fast with every passing day.

As the living standard of a society improves, its power consumption keeps increasing.

The basic parts of a wind power turbine.
It is found that a typical home in India on an average consumes 5200 KWh of energy every year, while a family of four in US consumes approx 28,600 KWh annually and a typical family in China consumes 15000 KWh per year. (2013 data)

The per capita energy consumption world average (as per World Bank data) is 3100 KWh, ie. a family consumes about 12400 KWh per year.

Click here for per capita energy consumption (World Bank data) for all countries of the world.

Wind energy tops the list of renewable power generators in India with Muppandal from Tamil Nadu and Jaisalmer from Rajasthan topping the list with 1500 MW and 1064 MW power generating capacity respectively.

Wind power generating is not time specific and can happen throughout the day and seasons of the year, unlike solar energy. 

Click here for an excellent initial light reading material to prepare you for a good understanding of wind power generation. 


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