Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tata JLR

A luxury model of Jaguar cars ..
Finally it needed Indian skills and managerial prowess to urn around an WEnglish pride ..

A 2013 Telegraph report of the biggest turnaround in automobile history in the modern world. ...

A hundred years back we had English masters and Lords and culturally and intellectually superior Indians serving them as workers. 
Just seventy years after freedom from the British, now we have Indian masters and Lords and Englishmen serving their Indian masters !

A loss making, troubled Jaguar Land Rover with labour problems and low worker productivity  was bought by Tata Motors around 2007-8 for app £ 1.3 billion.
The real Jaguar ready for a pounce.. ..

The global renowned Tata Motors, turned around the company where the "so-called" majors Ford (who had boughtJaguar) and BMW of VW group (who had bought Land Rover and later sold to Ford) had miserably failed.

The story goes this way - When Ratan Tata approached Ford top mgmt initially to buy Jaguar Land Rover from Ford, Tata was told bluntly by Ford that cos. making  small cars should never venture for big luxury cars and Tata should not ever dream of acquiring a luxury car company like Jaguar !

Ratan Tata took the insult positively.

Later finding that Ford was not managerially competent to turn around JLR, the same haughty Ford Management  approached Tata and "requested" him to buy JLR from Ford.

Ratan Tata took the challenge and showed Ford and BMW what Indians are made of. English workers and Managers are more than pleased and delighted to work under a highly competent, professional, benevolent, hardworking Indian top management..

The profits of  Tata-JLR  (before tax) had dipped from £2.6 billion by March 31, 2015 to £1.6 billion by March 31, 2016 despite record sales of more than half a million units due to a dip in China sales. As per latest reports, US sales has risen.

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