Friday, September 02, 2016

SpaceX' failures ..

Explosion at SpaceX launch pad destroys rocket, and Facebook satellite

Is US in the process of losing out in the space race to India after the SpaceX blast some hours back ?

NASA like the spoilt brat, woefully cannot undertake any smart, low cost mission to space, though it is reliable.

It is a fact as firm as a rock that US is no match for the Indians when it comes to low cost, reliable space endeavours ..

US space scientists have never acknowledged anywhere that they are no match for Indians when it comes to being smart with low cost space launches. (US leadership cannot be challenged in the area of innovation). US simply lacks the low cost technology and capability to match with India in such critical areas of space technology.
The younger private player Elon Musk's SpaceX has low costs (about 5x India's), but has poor mission launch reliability. In it's eagerness to piggyback on NASA's successes, Elon Musk's SpaceX is proving not only to be an expensive and risky space player, it is reaffirming itself as an undependable, costly, unreliable, inconsistent, dubious, fly-by-night type of operator and a totally unpredictable novice in space efforts.. No wonder US private companies find ISRO's launch vehicles more reliable than US vehicles to place their payloads into space. The just previous ISRO mission had 13 US private satellites taken aboard of a total of 20 satellites, to be launched at multiple altitudes, a very tricky and skilful maneouvre,

Facebook Zuckerberg's expansionist plans of spreading out to the unconnected people of the world in Africa thru his satellite thru this failed SpaceX mission, has once again pulled back American colonization of outer space !
India's ISRO's efforts at low cost successful launches and unparalleled reliability still remains as unruffled feathers in its cap.

The day is not far off when the world will look up to India and ISRO to give global leadership of offering high value reliable space launches to explore the unfathomed outer space, for the benefit of humanity as a whole !! 

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