Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pratham, IIT Bombay satellite aboard PSLV C34 ..

For the first time from IIT Bombay, Pratham, the 10.2 kg satellite of app 30 cm cube designed by a 30 member student team from IITB will be one among the eight payloads (incl the main payload, the 377 kg SCATSAT 1 and five satellites from US, Canada and Algeria in two diff orbits of 730 km and 670 km altitude) getting lifted to a sun synchronous polar orbit of 670 km on Monday Sept 26 at 9:12 AM from SDSC, Sriharikotta .

Every day at 11.30 am, Pratham will cross over India for the next four months and give the electron count in that part of the upper atmosphere ..

It makes great economic sense for US cos to launch complex light satellites through the ISRO work horse PSLV to polar sun synchronous orbits ..

Though UK scientists have downplayed our earlier launches and said, what's so great !,  it is a disgrace that the same smart people have not launched any on their own other than thru ESA .. 

The disease is quite common, it's called - Envy !!

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