Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nalanda, Taxila and Oxford Uty ..

Oxford U, the modern world's oldest U from UK, 800 years old, is back in global reckoning as top global Uty this year. 

Oxford University, back to global #1 ..
Born from the ashes of Nalanda and Taxila in ancient South Asia,  the only ancient centres of learning of the world from 800 AD - 1200 AD, Oxford is the oldest centre of modern learning of 800 years.

It is quite sad that none of Indian Univs could find a decent place even in top 200. 

It is also a great irony that these same top Univs and Institutions from US, Europe and South East Asia, lacking the necessary hi-tech environment, approach India for their advanced technology needs, (no match for India), like for example, to get their satellites launched from India.

We in India produce great institutions, scientists and technologists, wwe have been doing it for the past 1200 years, but what has happened to us now ? 

The question that should be at the top of the mind of any global academic should be, where do we lack and how can we get reckoned in the global top 10 ?

 Is there any role for the debilitating age-old customs and traditions in India that has been responsible for stifling scientific temper in the young Indian mind ? It is indeed a matter of great pride that Indian space scientists and nuclear scientists are among the best in the world. Our relatively new sociological experiment with democracy has borne success no doubt as also with opening our economy to the world, following China.
Will it be too far when India will once again be asked to give moral, ethical, scientific, technological and economic leadership to the world. Lets hope it will not be too far, as we are already in the last but two rungs of the global economic ladder and the next two rungs are well within our reach.


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