Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why are US, Europe and China lagging in critical solar apps?

Why are US, Europe and China not been able to catch up with India in solar projects, particularly insolation of any of their airports ? Kochi International airport  in Kochi, the world's first and ONLY solar powered international airport in India has already completed one year of incident free and accident free service for the country.

46,000 solar panels at Kochi international airport
US has even gone to the limits of the solar system and visted more inter stellar space than any other country, but they have not been able to catch up with India in insolation efforts.

India has surprised the world with the world's first and only solar energy powered international airport and filed the patents, this time by being the first country to insolate its fourth largest international airport with 7 million annual passenger traffic. By patenting it right on time, India has been able to ward off potential competitors who would otherwise have robbed our methodology of insolation and the technology.

Earlier under the garb of patents, they have been dominating the world. This time by insolating the kochi international airport, India has given back to them in same terms as how they have been giving to the world.

India has shown the world that India is here to stay in the solar energy field and would give top notch leadership to the world. Intense efforts are under way in india to insolate the Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi airports based on our indigenously developed design and patents. This will prevent other other advanced countries from misusing our IPR, technology.

No country is as much developed, confident and strong enough to challenge India in this field. India is getting ready to give leadership to the world in the very critical area of solar energy applications and give a helping hand to other countries.


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