Sunday, August 07, 2016

Solar energy run Kochi airport completes first year !

The less advanced nations of US, from Europe and China have been salivating for the past one year trying to figure out how India could insolate (run on solar energy) the Kochi International airport, that too at the lowest cost !! At 7 million passenger traffic, *Kochi is the first and only international airport in the world to run on solar energy*.

It has been running on solar energy for the past one year without problems or technical challenges.

To remain unchallenged by other advanced nations in critical solar energy applications like an international airport is a great achievement.

Let us see whether other countries grow up to catch up with India in such critical high tech areas like solar energy applications.

Maybe after space tech and nuclear tech, we may have to extend a helping hand to the other less developed nations of US, from Europe and China, in solar tech too, to at least be a match to us ! 🙏

Our own people ditch their motherland and immigrate to other nations for "purely materialistic" pursuits, not knowing the great potential lying hidden in their motherland and it's people. In our efforts to remain the most democratic, most tolerant and the least oppressive and least offensive nation of the world (giving equal rights to tribals, the original owners of the land as the native Indians), we are exploited, used and played down by different countries and people around the world.

But "true" Indians are not yet ready to give up their faith and trust in the oldest civilization on planet earth and are ready to extend a helping and tolerant hand to any nation and people from any part of the world..

That is the unmatched hospitality and respect to others which only India and Indians can claim as their birthright !

George ..

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