Thursday, August 25, 2016

A great learning opportunity for Airlander 10 ..

Why it is called the 'flying bum'
Nose crashing
The hybrid air vehicle Airlander 10, called Martha Gwyn, the 92m long and 44m wide, the largest aircraft in the world, nicknamed as  "The Flying Bum" crashlands at the Cardington airfield in UK.

Airlander in flight ..
Capable of rising to 6100m, cruising at 150 kmph and stay in air for up to 5 days, the 20T airship capable of carrying a 10T payload crashlands in its second experimental flight in Cardington, Bedfordshire, England...

"Failures are the stepping stones to success.." The developers of the Airlander have found one more way in which the blimp can fail. 

I am sure in the next 5 years, Airlander will rise in all majesty and conquer ther airspace of the world.

This technology is here to stay and air travel is going to be made cheap, safe and affordable with the successful effort of solar planes and air balloons (blimps) like Airlander 10.

More on HAV's Airlander from Wikipedia ..

Good wishes HAV ..

george ..

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