Thursday, August 11, 2016

Largest container ship of world (Aug '16) - MSC Oscar ..

This is the greatest container ship of the world as of August 2016 capable of carrying 19,224 TEUs ..

MSC Oscar, and sister ships MSC Zoe and MSC Oliver, are large container ships. Christened on 8 January 2015, MSC Oscar was recognised as the largest container ship in the world; until then CSCL Globe ... Wikipedia
  • Length395 m
  • Draft16 m
  • OwnerMediterranean Shipping Company
  • BuilderDaewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
  • Cost : $135 million
  • Crew Strength : 35
  • Named after Oscar, son of Diego Aponte, president and chief executive officer of MSC
  • Deck is the size of four football pitches
  • Draught (distance between bottom of hull and the boat's waterline) is 50ft (16m)
  • Could carry 1.15 million washing machines

MSC Oscar of the Mediterranean Shipping Company capable of carrying 19,224 TEUs.

Excellent video   on MSC Oscar ..

BBC reporting its first visit to British ports

Info reg the classification of container ships from Ultra Large Container Vessels to small feeder vessels.


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