Monday, August 29, 2016

India's successful SCRAMJET technology.

ISRO successfully tests Scramjet engine: Why it's a big breakthrough for India ?

Why is US getting nervous with Indian grand developments in space ?

Offering leadership to the world in space technology is a great responsibility thrust on it. Indian ability at cost optimization in high tech is a real blessing to planet earth.

What is air-breathing propulsion?

Explains ISRO, air-breathing rocket systems use atmospheric oxygen from their surroundings, burn it with the stored onboard fuel to produce a forward thrust. This is in contrast to the conventional chemical rocket systems which carry both the oxygen and the fuel onboard.
What this effectively helps in achieving is a lighter system. Says ISRO, "Air-Breathing systems become much lighter and more efficient leading to reduced overall costs."

Brahmos missile with RAMJET tech already deployed is the fastest missile in the world, making it a matter of great pride for India !

Go India go, the world is at your feet ! Give great responsible leadership to the world.

With China nowhere in sight in this technology which has only been tried by US and Australia, China is already very much behind India in the space race. US and an "incompetent" Europe keenly watching all developments and with India's remarkable superlative achievements, the future belongs to India !

When US spent $195 billion on its failed space shuttle mission, at an effective cost of $1.35 billion for each of the 135 space shuttle flights, India is going to surprise the world with a scramjet powered shuttle in the coming days.

ISRO's mission to the sun is the next biggest thing to happen to humanity ..

With the world's fastest missile being the Brahmos cruising at 3 mach (and able to carry a payload (even nuclear) of about 300 kg, in comparison to Tomahawk from US cruising at max speeds of 550 kmph and a payload of about 1000 kgs, India has definitely taken the lead.

There was an attempt to arm US' Tomahawk with SCRAMJET engines. But we do not know how many Tomahawk missiles are with these scramjet engines, as publicising the existence of SCRAM jet supersonic missiles is a threat to US itself.


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