Thursday, August 18, 2016

India's dismal performance at Rio Olympics.. 2016 - an analysis ..

So far till the 12 th day of the Rio Summer Olympics 2016 in Brazil, India has scored just a bronze medal in women's wrestling ..

We need to analyse this from two perspectives.

The first one is from the present perspective, why Indians are unable to perform well in international sports, why have the governments together over the years failed heavily in popularising sports and athletics, why have we failed in motivating promising players and coaches in the county, why have we failed in making sports a promising career path for many an Indian interested in physical pursuits than the intellectual or mental pursuits ? What has failed with promoting sport in the country ? If culture and development has prospered in the country with the meddling of politicians, why the same thing is not happening with sports ?

The second perspective is historical. Throughout India's 6000 years history as a successful civilization, now surging economically too, we have always given more emphasis on cultural, intellectual, social, scientific pursuits than physical pursuits. We have all through history been a very silent, intellectual, defensive, non-aggressive civilization, always absorbing and assimilating the good points from other civilizations and cultures and at the same time not being too aggressive on promoting our culture and traditions on the other peoples of the world, ie. we have never been intolerant and aggressive. 

If we look at history, all countries that have pursued the physical perspective, got dropped by the wayside, like the Greeks and the Romans. The world may remember them momentarily, but they are a spent force for the world, having previously indulged in sadistic and personal pleasures, in-fighting and fighting with other nations (the two world wars) and finally seeing their own degradation.

As per the first perspective, we have to but agree that we are a failed nation in the sports arena, though in other games like cricket, football etc we have been able to excel globally. As per the second perspective, we shall participate in sports and other physical pursuits for the sake of participation, but continue our pursuits in the intellectual, cultural and social arena and continue to contribute to the growth of the world. We are the largest democracy and the third largest economic power of the world. 

Which path should India pursue into the future ? We need to have a national debate on this tpic. Unless the people and our politicians gets their thoughts clear on this topic and are ready to participate, we will never make success even after another ten Olympic games.

Let us all think deeply on these two above perspectives and channelise our energy, vision and abilities in that direction which would benefit the country and the world in general.


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