Sunday, July 17, 2016

Why do western societies bleed so heavily ??

Why do mass killings happen in "so-called" democracies leading to so much of bleeding ? Why are the more populous countries, the world's largest and greatest democracy and third largest economy, India and the greatest single party ruled, authoritarian nation and world's largest economy, China spared of such gruesome violence ?

While the western societies claiming to be scientifically and technologically advanced, take pride that they have been able to understand and contain nature's fury, have totally been at loss to contain the divisive and destructive forces erupting from their own minds, within their own families, homes and societies. Is it any sign of development or on the other hand of degradation ? The second world war when 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated in a matter of six years is the greatest demonstration of this malady ..

The Eastern societies on the other hand, are at pains most of the time, trying to contain nature's fury while they are at peace with the turmoils of their inner self .. Let us not forget the one-off Rwandan genocide where a million Tutsi Rwandans were massacred by the majority Hutu led forces during the thirteen week period from April to mid July in 1994.

Some questions are being raised here that needs attention by the relevant authorities, medical fraternity or psychiatrists ..

1. Are individual rights of the citizens  being transgressed and violated severely in Western societies leaving individuals aggrieved, lacerated, hurt and pained at the treatment meted out to them by society. 

2. Why are not enough opportunities being provided to such disturbed people to help integrate with society ?

3. Why do western societies not have enough opportunities to cater to the spiritual, mental well-being of its citizens while all attention is being made to ensure their material well-being and comfort ?

4. How many more years will western societies take to become mature and grown to understand these failings in their civilizational lifestyle ?

5. Which eastern societal practices, like yoga, can help western societies become more regulated, disciplined and emotionally self-contained ?

6. Why do western societies need to denigrate and deteriorate to such deplorable levels as to make themselves highly susceptible to the dangerous and often fatal repercussions of petty social imbalances ?

The most recent high casualty shootings at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida in June '16  and the recent mowing in Nice, France, two days back, point to the basic flaw affecting societies in developed western nations. Do we see a new strategy here where future attacks and shootings will be targeted at high density locations to cause maximum damage ?

It does not help attacking symptoms of the malaise affecting society, instead all efforts should be to find the root cause that needs to be addressed with all urgency and sincerity.

Why are western societies looked at suspiciously by immigrants from developing or less developed nations ? Why do some immigrants find integration with their adopted culture difficult ?

Are there no inbuilt societal mechanisms to address such grievances within society and prevent it getting blown up to unmanageable proportions?

The challenge is great and there are lessons from these for all countries of the world on how to guide inclusive growth and development within their boundaries, integrating all sections into mainstream  society.

The four quotes given in this article, mingled with the text, given out by influential individuals in the 20th century highlights

1. the failure of materially advanced societies to integrate all sections of society with itself,
2. unevenness in the perception of privileges and principles meted out to societies and individuals
3. denial of developmental opportunities according to the individual and
4. the unforgiving negative impact of violence, however noble the end is, have great unfathomable impact on peace and well being in society.

The future will be interesting to watch how developed and developing nations respond to these challenges thrown at them.


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