Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Violence breeds more violence !

A meaningful quote from Margaret Mead (1901-78) US cultural anthropologist. (this quote is likely to make all immigrants to United States and other places, from the very first violent ones to the present day selfish individuals, squirm in discomfort !)

Margaret Mead talks of how successful violence glorified and drilled into the minds of youngsters (of the history of US from the days of British settlers' "violent, bloody, gory  and brutal" colonization of North America from its original owners) can in turn make these youngsters believe that only violence can save them from the present unjust and violent predicament too ..

Governments of the world must realise that violence can only breed more deadly violence, it can never breed peace !

Let US and the west look into itself than pointing fingers at other countries and communities !

(An explanation for the continued spiral of hate violence hitting the western world, of late ..)

George ..

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