Friday, July 08, 2016

8000 years of rich Malayali culture captured in proverbs ..

These malayalam proverbs (invaluable diamonds of wisdom) have been collected  from and other sources on the Internet and I have produced it for my readers. Click here for another set of proverbs..
Edakkal cave inscriptions from Wayanad, Kerala etched by our ancestors
dating back to 6000 BC (8000 years back)

There are 149 in total. Each of these proverbs have been taken from years and years of wisdom of elderly people. I would like to add the 150 th - താണനിലത്തെ നീരോടു, തപസിരുന്നേ പൂവിരിയൂ (thaana nilathe neerodu, thapasirunne pooviriyoo, from a famous 1969 Malayalam film, Padhicha Kallan by the famous Vayalar / Devarajan / Yesudas combination)

Courtesy Manorama
It is simply captivating to know how much of knowledge and wisdom of thousands of years of interactions between civilizations and cultures of the world have been captured in each of these proverbs. 

Our ancestors have been known to move out of Africa some 66,000 years back and over 60,000 years kept moving and settling in different parts of the world, till the last group reached the southern tip of the land mass of South America and started settling and doing agriculture there around 6500 BC, ie. 8500 years back. (Click here for the genographic Project from National Geographic)

Edakkal is 25 kms from Kalpetta, capital of Wayanad, Kerala
Kerala's known recorded history dates back to 6000 BC to the Edakkal caves near Kalpetta in Wayanad dist of Kerala at 12,000 feet above sea level.

I got tuned to these pearls from Malayalam culture from my mother who took great pains to teach us indigenous knowledge, wisdom and culture of thousands of years from very young age through these sayings, as they do in most of Malayali homes ! Sometimes she used to be so open and frank, that we used to get embarrassed. There was nop better learning than those times. Conventional wisdon opassed over centuries and centuries..

We all were good in modern scientific education. Along with the modern scientific knowledge got through education from some of the best educational institutions across the country and the world , including IITs and Harvard Business School, and through books, magazines  and newspapers, and the conventional traditional knowledge and discernment got from mother, the combo was deadly ..

These diamonds, I should say, are the brightest words of wisdom, sagacity, discernment and circumspection that have been prepared over eight thousands of years of brilliant Malayali culture. Enjoy this offering !!

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