Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Idavoor Puthen Veedu family

Idavoor Puthen Veedu family, Chennithala, Mavelikara, Kerala ..
Idavoor Puthen Veedu family, Chennithala, Mavelikara, Kerala.

Photo from 1975, when our uncle late Achankunjuchayan (top left most standing) had come down from US .. 

Our appachen Mathai Easaw and Ammachi, Saramma Mathai are seated in the front row along with their daughters and daughters in law.

(Sitting L2R) Ammini kochama ( presently staying in Gaithersburg, Maryland, US), late Lillykutty aunty, late Ammini aunty, on the side of appachen, eldest daughter Thankamma Kochamma (running 95 now and staying with daughter Valsammamma, third row standing extreme left), Thankama (our mother, at 87 staying with my father in Nethaji Nagar, Ernakulam) and late Kunjamma kochamma.

Back row (standing L2R) late Achankunjuppappan, late CV John appachen, my father Kunjukunju (Easaw Mathai, at 92 years, hale and hearty staying with mom in Nethaju Nagar, Kadavanthere, Ernakulam), late Thankachen uncle, late VC John appachen and late Thankachanuppappan.

The first row standing are the elder children, the top row are the male members, sons and sons in law.  Front row seated are the younger generation. Among all the children, my elder brother Mathew Easaw (first row standing, middle most, fifth from left) and my elder cousin sister Salymamma (front sitting third from right) were taken by God to his garden in 1978 and 2012 respectively. We are sure all the departed are safely in heaven at the right side of God.

Thanks Roychayan (bottom left most sitting) and Dr Sohan (shirleymama's, sitting on floor, second from right, son)  for bringing out this old gem !!

George (jokutty, bottom sitting 3rd from left)


  1. My mom (Shirly Thomas) doubts that this snap was clicked in 1971.
    Dr. Sohan Thomas Wilson

  2. My mom (Shirly Thomas) highly doubts that this snap was clicked in 1971!
    Dr. Sohan Thomas Wilson

  3. Let me just get it clarified Sohan. Thanks for pointing it out. Shirleymamma is sitting on the floor, second from right.


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