Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chinese intransigence in South China Sea ..

Will China budge ? Of the 5 global bullies, why should only Chna budge?
One third of global trade, $5 trillion, passes through the South China Sea. China finds too many players trying to claim right of passage through the waters where it's main distribution of products, raw materials into China and finished goods out of China happens. It's quite natural for any country to feel threatened when it's transportation passageways are being used by other countries, especially when it's the mightiest global economic power !! Can we say that the South China Sea issue is actually a supply chain issue and thus needs to be resolved at the earliest ?

China's unilateral declaration of sovereignty over the South China Sea upto the nine dash line drawn in 1949 and raising of Scarborough shoal and other islands to build airstrips, raises questions for China's neighbours, not US.

Courtesy, Washington Post.
The international tribunal's verdict against China in the S China Sea thus raises many an eyebrow.

None of the other 4 UN  permanent members and global bullies have honoured any of the earlier International Tribunal verdicts, when the verdicts have been against their interests. (especially US in Nicaragua, when US threw to the wind ICJ verdict asking US to pay reparations to Nicaragua for supporting the rebel Contras and mining Nicaraguan harbours. US simply boycotted the ICJ then ! What a shame !! ). 

Does US now have any moral right to ask China to fall in line with international opinion and verdict? So why should the 5th  bully China alone fall in line ? China has already said "Get lost !!"

When in the next thirty years, India would peacefully and with great caution take over global leadership, hope the old, five big, selfish  and petty global bullies will be shown their true resting place - the dustbin of history!!

Click here for the Washington Post article ..

Does China believe that the same  tactics of how it attacked India in 1962 after signing the Panchsheel Agreement, taking part of Kashmir to it, will work this time too ?  When India's NSG application was being debated at the UN and other fronts, China's argument was whether India, a non-signatory to the international NPT could be allowed into NSG, implying that not following international opinion and regulations can have such debilitating impact. Is not the same international opinion and regulations applicable to China under present circumstances ?

Bullies are always bullies, be it US attacking the Central American state of Nicaragua, mining it's harbours and not caring to pay reparations or China playing tough on the South China sea issue claiming a large portion of the sea to itself, it is difficult to get them to see reason and logic. Global leadership needs to take a turn for the better and looks up to India to give it a helping hand. 

If China has the guts, let it engage with the rest of the world militarily or otherwise (this would give India breathing space and industrial clout to overcome China, India is already the fastest growing economy in the world presently) ..


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