Saturday, July 09, 2016

Burhan Wani - a symbol of misguided youth of Kashmir

It was quite tragic to see the Hizbul Mujahideen Commander 22 year old Burhan Wani's dead body after an encounter with Police and Indian military in Anantnag valley in Kashmir yesterday.Though intelligent, he had not completed schooling and was misled by extremists.

A very serious question people around the world need to understand is why are youth being misled in Kashmir, to join terrorism and attack the Indian nation, when the country and its people are least interested in such militant activity. Indians unitedly looking to maintain peace and harmpony are looking to the take the country forward economically for the country's development.

The rest of the country is not bothered about these misled, misguided, poorly educated youth. The rest of the civilised country is not interested in violence, it is interested in development, social, technological, scientific, political, economic, of the country.

The developments in the Arab world all point to the great disaster awaiting those countries with unbridled growth of religious fundamentalism. Europe is on the brink of a collapse..

Indians are least bothered about this religious fundamentalism, but wants all religions to exist peacefully and with mutual respect for each other. Indians also look forward to great  brotherhood between communities and religions in the country.

Indians as a whole will resist with all available peaceful means at their disposal any attempts by disgruntled, misguided youth to bring anarchy in a peace loving, growing country.

Pakistan who is supporting terrorist groups, should realise that it is just one ninth of India's economic might and any intentional steps through such militant groups and poorly educated misguided youth to thwart India's economic progress and development will fail and be met with strict force by Indian army and Indian people.

The militants should try to see reason, realising that pursuing an approach of violence and resistance is not going to help them in any way. India is interested in peaceful resolution of any conflict. Hope the sensible intelligensia of Pakistan are able to convince their leadership and misguided militants of this truth.

Indians are sad that a bright boy has been misled and has paid for with his life. Let such incidents not happen in future .. It is a big loss for the family and a great loss of face for the militant groups of Kashmir.

Why on earth would Indians want to take back their country, when the whole world except for India and China are caught up in deep problems and is struggling to survive ? Who wants to disturb peace in a peaceful and democratic country like India ?

Nobody can ever dream to contain or defeat the most peaceful, tolerant and economic super power of India. And nobody can ever succeed. 

History shows how the British trying to act smart with Indians, had to run away with their trousers in tact out of the country, just six decades back ! The Govt of India should take very considerate proactive steps to educate these illiterate boys who fall easy prey to militants out to disturb peace in India.

Such loss of life pains every Indian citizen because he/she does not want to see such violence consuming their life. Indians are looking to the bright future of this part of the world and are even all set to conquer the space domain ..

Indians do not have time to worry about such violence and degrading politics of revenge. we have much saner things to pursue for the benefit of mankind and to give peaceful leadership to the world.

India, ignore such pricks and march ahead.. The world is more precious than a bunch of unprogressive perverts out to disturb peace and harmony.

India should give a very strict warning to such anti social elements that their strategies will be thwarted with all resources at the disposal of the Indian government..

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