Thursday, July 07, 2016

Bullying is very dangerous - some quotes ..

Bullies at school reflect the restrictive, denying, high-pressure, demanding, non- communicating, dominating nature of parents or older siblings at home. Older siblings in turn learn it from the parents. 

It could also signal a claustrophobic environment at home for the kid. When the kid feels he is not being attended to, listened to, given importance to, he vents out that feeling of hatred on others...

Older siblings can also be the cause of the bullying problem. If they've been bullied, they are more apt to bully a younger sibling to feel more secure or empower themselves. Very often parents are bullies, are angry, or don't handle conflict well. 
Kids usually bully because they learn this behavior at home.  

Actually the parents are the culprits, punish them, castigate them, ostracise them, then only they learn how to behave with their children well and in turn, their children will behave with their friends in school and college well.

So sad when innocent lives are trampled by bullies !


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