Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alexander the Great ..

The fact about Alexander the Great (356 BC - 323 BC) that surprises and baffles me is the fact that he is regarded as the greatest warrior in history and the youngest one too !!.

He completed all his exploits by the time he was 32 years of age. Having been tutored by Aristotle, Alexander gives a great word of appreciation to all this teachers in one of his great quotes.

Click here to know more about Alexander the Great ( Alexander III of Macedonia)

Read about the other great ruler from South Asia, Asoka the great who was born 55 years after the death of Alexander III of Macedon. 

We are what we were .. (this is my understanding of how past events have mouded who we are today) 

Unless we are aware of what great predecessors of ours did hundreds and thousands of years back, we are ill equipped to assess the future and are bound to repeat the same follies our ancestors have committed. 
Knowing what our ancestors did right and what they did wrong, gives us the code of conduct and ethics which has guided all of history and which is to guide us into the future too. It also helps us to gauge what were the codes of conduct in different parts of the world at different periods of time. 

Being able to peep into their minds, gives us great confidence of the present times and hope of the future too.


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