Monday, June 27, 2016

Subramanian swamy, a disgrace to humanity ?

The cheap and petty politician from Chennai, earlier President of the much splintered Janata party, Subramanian Swamy's frantic efforts  to remain in national limelight for his own survival in politics, has faced failures every now and then. Though he claims to be learned, his interactions most often belie his knowledge.

His picking of soft targets from his "newly adopted party", which was repeatedly ignoring him, got him reprimands from the party which forced him to target politicians from other parties !

Arvind Kejriwal is the Delhi politician, an IITKGP alumnus, IRS, Ramon Magsaysay award winner (nobody in the political establishment now is as much intellectually and mentally advanced as AK), present Delhi CM and the most popular politician in the country having decimated the opposition BJP, giving it just 5% of seats in the Delhi state assembly elections last year, is the pain in the neck for Modi. 

By taking Kejriwal headon, the dumb Swamy thinks he can appease his political bosses to give him a position of authority in the central cabinet. Swamy by trying to defame Kejriwal through character assassination and intentionally creating a smokescreen, a cheap political tactic used by dumb politicians, is digging his own grave. Swamy knows that never even in ten births can he reach anywhere near Kejriwal.

They are always looking for opportunities to impress others ..
Though Swamy claims to have taught at Harvard Law School, it would be a disgrace even for Harvard to mention him as part of their earlier faculty.  The intellectually challenged Swamy thinks that these "smart" actions of picking up issues like these with his political counterparts in India, will make him popular and help revive his political fortunes.  

Looking for cheap publicity and fame, this man somehow wants to remain in spotlight every time, but for the wrong reasons.

Swamy's communal and intellectually challenged thought processes are equally flawed and skewed as are his efforts to regain  political fortunes and reputation as a petty politician out to serve his personal egos than the pressing  issues for the country. As a reader of psychology, such behaviour is popularly classified as "attention deficit disorder" at younger age !

Swamy was under the impression that his antics would benefit the government and he would in turn be benefited with a central cabinet berth. What a pervert he was !! And he thought the public are fools not to read his deranged mind !

Swamy will get the treatment he deserves, and be swept off to the dustbin of history by the people !


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