Thursday, June 23, 2016

US denial of technology catalysed Indian technological growth ..

Cutting long history short, we find India which was till 1700 AD controlling 40% of global GDP, (see graphic, China following closely with 30% and the much acclaimed, haughty, mighty, pompous Roman empire under Julius Caesar was controlling just 8% of global GDP) suddenly crumble over the past three centuries and be enslaved by the colonial, industrialised countries of the world. 

It was thanks to a free India and the brilliant statesmanship of our brave, courageous leaders who with great determination, ingenuity and hardwork, made our forward journey, though rocky at times, very eventful, momentous, remarkable and outstanding !

There has been a SINGLE factor - denial to share advanced technology, that has helped us in great measure in our technological and scientific progress over the past six decades. This factor, though demoralising to suffer extreme humiliation, ignominy and loss of face, the leaders and citizens of the country were never ready to give up so easily. 

Our success in the area of nuclear, missile, space, super computing technologies, in meteorology, satellite communication, regional navigation etc has been entirely attributed to this wilful, conscious denial by the "big brother" US to help India technologically over the past many decades, when it was plain fact that it's growth was being fueled by the unmindful, dumb migration of our ignorant countrymen to US in search of jobs.

Every nation has the right to protect its sovereignty and its technological progress, by not sharing it with anyone else. India completely accepts and respects that US decision. But should it be at the cost of instigating and inciting our neighbours into violence and destabilising the whole region ? 

What made this denial excruciating and agonizing, by rubbing salt into our wounds, was when US was found wilfully and consciously helping, materially, technologically or otherwise, our regional puny, haughty neighbours mess around. This unfortunately has raised the biggest threat in turn to US itself, through 9/11 and God knows, how many more to follow !

Time has shown that this US denial has been our best blessing in disguise and the best challenge to our determination to persevere and succeed, not to be kicked around by worthless entities.

Now at our limited success, they shamelessly extend a helping hand ! Our superior culture doesn't permit us to snub or slight them !

And still many of our dumb countrymen, still extol and wish to migrate to that nation of petty, bigoted and prejudiced minded people ! 🙏🏻

One day when India takes peaceful, sensible (not right-wing or petty minded) leadership of the world, we are sure, these memories will return to haunt US ..


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  1. 300 years back, we(India) controlled 40% of worlds GDP....followed by China. ... We crumbled in the last two centuries when British & other foreigners came in and looted our land.....

    Now it's time to fight & get back the lead in GDP .... Responsibility is ours! Of each n every citizen of India! We have already emerged with positive signs to be a world power and a leader in each of us can move it with rocket jet propulsive speed. ..


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