Friday, June 03, 2016

UN Security Council Permanent membership ..

The legacy of  '45 needs to be carried
forward ..
UN HQ buildings, NY
Is it not high time that the United Nations re-considered the status of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council ?

In the changed global economic, social, political, technological environment, do France, UK and Russia play as important a role as India ?

Either include India also as a permanent member and expand the membership to 6 or change the less important member, either UK or Russia from the permanent membership and bring India in.

UN Security Council in session with the 5 permanent members US, China,
Russia, France and United Kingdom. Are some of these nations still relevant
in the new changed global order ?
Economically India is at no. 3 position in the world, with the world's second largest population and a fast growing technologically superior technological base especially in space technology and a very responsible nuclear power.

It is high time the world evaluated permanent members of the UN Security Council on their merit and reconsider it.Else even when India regains peaceful leadership of the world, the world would be sleeping and United Nations would lose its relevance altogether.

The scenario that existed in the fifties is not the situation now and needs serious consideration. Global economic, demographic, political, technological, military profiles have changed whereby some nations have progressed far ahead and some nations have opted to step out.


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