Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Syrian Predicament

a real tough  job, don't know who is ruling Syria !

The developments in Syria, the world's worst war-torn country is very disturbing, to say the least. 

The govt. forces of Basher Assad are fighting (even using chemical warfare against his own countrymen) the opposition Syrian Democratic Front and led by Kurdish fighters.

The opposition forces, the SDF is concentrating on the terrorist Islamic State and fighting to dislodge them from Manbij and other areas. Islamic State terrorists are fighting the Kurd and SDF led opposition forces.

To add to the confusion, Russia is supporting the ruling alliance led by Basher Assad and bombing opposition targets more than IS, while US gets support from the opposition and its airstrikes are against the terrorist Islamic state..

There are five interested parties in the whole dynamic dispute and it is difficult to know who is fighting whom at any point of time and for what purpose. Quite interesting. If a country is being aided in its total destruction and annihilation, it should be done this way.

Some of the lucky Syrians meanwhile are forced to escape as refugees to neighboring countries and western Europe braving violence and great hardships, leaving behind few who are ready to face the worse reality whatever it be, death or an impoverished and broken family life  !

 Can the internal factions first get across the table and settle their differences ? If this issue is not settled now, like a cancer, it will slowly spread to Iraq, (already bruised beyond recognition) and later to Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other nations where illegitimate regimes, dictators are ruling giving great hardshps to the people. Oil is what props these countries, once oil dries up or goes out of common usage, the countries will be in dire straits.

While the whole world is getting embroiled in this dispute and bearing the brunt one way or the other, the world's two largest economies of China and India are observing these developments from the sidelines, not getting involved even in remote ways, taking time off to learn the lessons of war, suffering and global statesmanship, to get ready with peaceful and lasting strategies to offer leadership to the world.


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