Monday, June 06, 2016

The declining influence of the Arab world ..

Lack of effective leadership and overzealousness
in religious issues is the bane of the Arab world now.
It gives one great shock, looking at the dismembered picture of countries across the Arab world. And when it is known they are fighting against each other, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, but essentially fighting with somebody or the other, it is no good news at all ! The result is that the Arab states of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Saudi, Iran, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar and other Arab states from middle east and north Africa are on the verge of a great collapse.

Despots and dictators, not people's representatives..
main cause of Arab unrest at a 2015 Arab League meeting ..
The infighting between the states on the basis of the religious following, (whether they are Sunnis or Shias, worshipping the same god), has let so much blood flow on the streets. The Sykes Picot agreement which cut the states on regional and language basis a hundred years ago, actually did the reverse, making people enemies against their own countrymen.

The high revenues from global oil prices used to be the opium which sapped the common man of  enterprise,  hardwork and sensible thinking over the years and made them useless and non-productive, indulging in unnecessary religious fundamentalism, an example is Osama Bin Laden from Saudi Arabia. Now low oil prices have affected the revenues for these countries and has made existence for thesepeople and the nations difficult. 

A very disturbing thought though all these years is the loss of lives, bloodshed etc that has happened in the Arab world in the name of religion and geographical boundaries. 

Nobody seems to care for the lives lost, the grieving mothers, parents  and children .. Children are made orphans at very early age, they are used in human and sex trafficking, which is beyond any comprehension of a decent way of living. The amount of refugees as a result of this disturbance is causing tensions in other developed western european countries. 

North African Arab countries and Syria continue to be the largest sources of refugees around the world presently. The very volatile political situation there, combined with corrupt rulers and terrorist violence by IS, fuelled by low growth, a bleak future and suppression of individual liberties is a main source of concern there. Though United States tilted the cart initially by interfering in the Arab peninsula, in Iraq and dislodging a legitimate ruler there who ensured harmony in society, even though he had his own shortcomings, it is of no use now blaming US for the worrisome developments happening in these countries. How can we redeem the situation now and right a historical wrong done on them ?

When Indians compare the peace, growth, technological and social development happening in India and China, with what is happening in these countries, it really makes one sad. When one part of the world is progressing by leaps and bounds, another part is grieving at death, violence and poor growth. Tragic !! Neither the leaders, the rulers, the public in these countries seem to be worried at all !

Over the centuries lack of democracy, lack of credible leadership in the Arab world has resulted in incompetent rulers in these countries. Often monarchs and dictators try in this complex web of processes to help prolong their reign. The Saud family's control over the largest of the Arab States, Arabia stands threatened with a more informed population demanding their rights and freedom. Influence of fanatical religious fundamentalism and the rise of the terrorist movements like Islamic State and establishment of its Caliphate have added to the fire.

A deeper study into what can bring lasting peace to the Arab world, where all the stakeholders sit across the table and come up with credible solutions both for long term and short term peace is the need of the hour.

The famed Arab culture, music, food style, contribution to science and technology over the years, (concept of algorithm in the digital world) entertainment etc have had its impact on global civilization. Let not petty unintelligent dictators, despots, murderers and their families, religious groups like IS and religious fundamentalists with narrow concocted minds, let them not spoil this peace and harmony.

Strengthening pan-arabism or the Arab League has great meaning now. 

Advice for our arab brethren, watch out for religious fundamentalism and try not to fall a prey to it. 


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