Monday, June 27, 2016

Soft power or Hard power , what matters ??

India is slowly coming out of the US stranglehold and Pakistan is getting inside the US stranglehold more and more ..

Sukhoi 31 with Brahmos super sonic missile - deadly
When can India have its own fighter jets, when we are really advanced in Space technology and rocket science. 

India believes that science and technology should be used only for such applications that can bring peace and mutual understanding and trust in the world, than suffering, violence and hardship ..

Here is an Economic Times document which compares both these fighter jets.. 

Even though India has the fastest missile fitted to a fighter jet in the world, the supersonic Brahmos missile, and thus has the fastest air offensive system in the world, these days, warfare is not what determines who dominates the world, but it is decided in the retail outlets, factories, research educational institutes and villages across the country ..

Soft power is more valuable and lasting than hard power !! Even though US has some of the best equipped armies in the world, it is only #2 in the global scenario in terms of economic growth, infra structure development etc..

george..  (pic courtesy TOI and Manorama)

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