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Service blueprint - essential elements

A blueprint is something intended as a guide for making something else.Usually it is either  a print of plans or technical drawings on blue paper, hence the name.

"A service blueprint is an operational planning tool that provides guidance on how a service will be provided, specifying the physical evidence, staff actions, and support systems / infrastructure needed to deliver the service across its different channels." (source -

Why use a Service blueprint ?

What is service blueprint ?
1. One can do a service blueprint to look objectively at the different partners in service completion 
2. helps to understand the roles of different players / partners objectively.
3. it helps to understand what are the basic processes / physical evidence / infrastructure needed to replicate the process anywhere in the world.
4. every partner knows how his element of the work is contributing to the bigger whole
5. it helps to find missing processes in service
6. it helps to set up necessary physical infrastructure even before the service is in place
A hotel service blueprint ..
7. it helps to find what components need regular attention, like maintenance of physical evidence etc.
8. it helps to find the extent to which Information Technology (IT) can help in speeding up the processes or making it efficient and effective
9. to find processes which need public information dissemination than just customer enlightenment and satisfaction

What can happen if service blueprint does not exist ?
1. chance of missing out on important processes / physical infrastructure
2. confusing between the line of interaction and line of visibility 
3. chance of missing out on learning processes at different locations, needing to do processes afresh.

Examples :The below pic is the service blueprint of a hotel service.

Some activities : 
1. Can you draw a service blueprint for a simple barber shop ?
2. What additional physical evidence / facilities should a hospital provide to make it more effective ?
3. On visiting a bakery, can you lay down and draw the different elements of the service blueprint ?
4. IT / textile processing is a big service sector in Bangalore. Can you draw the service blueprint for these sectors ?

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