Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando, we weep with you. .

Mass gun-related killings are getting common in US, the world's second most populous democracy, in comparison to the world's largest and greatest democracy, India.  

Impulse gay club Orlando, ruptured walls ..
The fact that Omar Mateen purchased the gun just a week back, which was used in the massacre in Orlando, Fl., is really nerve chilling !

Why does it happen ? Why is gun control not being effectively legislated and followed through in right earnest.? Is there a basic discontent or distrust of the people on the state in its ability to ensure security for the people ? What can happen in future if this issue is not addressed in all sincerity?

While we sympathise with the US govt and the people, we fail to understand why guns still are carried around freely, while in the world's largest and most sensible democracy India, it has restricted access.

With growing discontent with religious radicalization, will US still take time to understand facts and react before it becomes late ?

Our prayers are with the 49 'hapless' victims and their families ..🙏🏻

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