Sunday, June 19, 2016

1000 core Microprocessors at lightning clockspeeds .

1000 core, 1.75 Ghz microprocessor ..
I remember the clockspeeds of microprocessors on the desktop at CET (Govt. College of Engg, Trivandrum, Kerala, India) in '86 at 1-2 Mhz, Govt Engg College, Goa, India at 32 MHz in '88 and IIT Bombay, India at 256 MHz in '98. 

The recently developed kilocore (1000 independent cores each at max 1.75 Ghz) processor from UC Davis gives a max of 1.75 trillion Hz  (1,750,000,000,000 Hz, ie. 1.75 million Mhz) which is 1.75 million (1,750,000) times faster than the '86 1 MHz microprocessor chip at CET .. 

This chip is 250 times faster than the 1.75 Ghz quad core chip I have on my Google hardware based Android smartphone..

This is mind-boggling ! And at max performance it consumes just 0.7 KW ie. 7 units of power for working 10 hrs at 1.75 trillion Hz speed !!

Weather forecasting, Search for extra terrestrial intelligence. Atomic fusion simulation expts etc will now be modeled conveniently and accurately..

Can we expect something drastic to happen to the computing field like quantum computing or photo computing? Let's wait and see ..


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